Aster sewing machine
from Meccanotecnica Italy
Paper Mill Production Lines Corrugated board solutions from Champion Intelligent high graphics printers, box makers from Pinlong Automatic flat-bed die-cutters from Ek-Korea Diecutting & hot foil stamping from Baoder

High speed folder gluer from Jinnyeu


Chairman's Speech

Power Company for integrated projects is considered one of the biggest companies and commercial agencies in the sector of supporting and developing paper manufacturing, printing and packaging in Egypt and the Middle East.

We always take pride in what we realised of achievements and successes, and we also seek to sustain progress, development with our eyes set on the future based on a set of pillars built on sound science, pioneering experience in these fields, this way we harness all our abilities to support, develop the sectors of manufacturing developing paper, printing and packaging in Egypt.

We work together with an integrated working team to provide integrated solutions to the sectors of manufacturing paper, printing, packaging in Egypt and the Middle East.

As example of our keen policies to introduce permanently the best to manufacturing sector

We presented and supported international company of large scale experience in industry around the world specifically Asia and Europe.

Our keen interest has enabled us to provide the best to be one of the pioneering companies in this field and this success is caused by many factors as follow:

A group of the best consultant engineers who created designs and suitable solutions and linked updated units which actually existed commensurating  with the nature of projects and the  Egyptian market and with what copes with the international market

Highly trained sales engineers team in the most leading global and foreign companies has utter Knowledge of the products which the company offers.

Supported by an engineering system of personnel in the field of installation and maintenance, who are qualified and trained by the global expertise to support new projects and after sale services of maintenance and coming up with solutions for all the problems which face our clients with what copes with the latest technologies.

Our vision has been working on developing and introducing the latest engineering technologies and transferring international experiences to the sectors of industry in Egypt to contribute to scaling up the local industry and building partnership of success and progress with our honorable clients.

Mostafa Sadek Ahmed

Book-binding machines for offset printing


The range of automatic book-sewing machines of the Aster brand and of automatic gathering and sewing lines: Uniplex, Multiplex, and Magix. These solutions allow producing thread-sewn book blocks from printed signatures. Aster is a renowned brand associated worldwide to the best book-binding machines thanks to reliability, cutting-edge technology and high levels of performance and versatility.

Book-binding machine for digital printing


The range of automatic folding and book-sewing machines of the Universe brand. These solutions allow producing thread-sewn book blocks starting from sheets, signatures or roll printed on digital presses.

Solutions for book finishing


Solutions for book finishing include: INLINE, back gluing machine, for the gluing and lining of thread-sewn book blocks, the NIPPING system for the integration of book sewing and spine pressing in one process and TRIMMING the new compact three-knife trimmer able to perform fully variable changeovers without operator intervention and to manage runs down to one book.

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