Champion-Corrugated Production Line

  • New Generation Fully Automatic 3ply, 5ply and 7ply Corrugated Cardboard Production Line.
  • Hybrid heating (2ply) Corrugated Cardboard Production Line.
  • Whole Line Remote Troubleshooting and Online Experts Team Assistance.
  • Mill Roll Stand, Swing type, fully hydraulic system.‎ Fast apart hydraulic cylinder swing arm design for easy maintenance.‎
  • Single Facer, Steam & Electricity dual-use.
  • With Quick change or cassette type, A~N Flute only need one Single Facer. ‎Flexible production.
  • Corrugating roll changing time within 30 minutes.
  • Pressurized Blowing System.‎
  • Idler device in Glue Application Unit (stops glue drying and avoids glue sticking to ‎roll surfaces).‎
  • Motorized cassette trolley.‎
  • Preheater heating area adjustable from motorized paper guide roll adjustment.‎
  • Automatic Splicer with PLC unit for simple and easy maintenance.
  • N.C. Cutter Up to 100 order sizes / amounts can be entered in memory.‎
  • The cutting length of the cardboard and quantity per order are controlled by ‎computer numerical control system that can be check out and modified ‎anytime.‎
  • Servo down Stacker, Multi-orders stacking especially for short run.